Casey Law Firm Practice Areas

Class Actions

Too often, companies harm individuals (typically consumers) by a small amount, making an expensive lawsuit unfeasible. Class actions allow many persons to band together to fight back. The Casey Law Firm has the expertise required to litigate these cases, which are often procedurally complex.

Consumer Protection

Fraud is ever evolving, and attorneys who represent the victims of fraud must find novel ways to apply state and federal laws to stop such schemes. The firm has significant experience in this area, often utilizing class actions to stop the fraud and compensate its victims.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies are intentionally vague, often requiring courts to interpret them where there is a dispute between a policyholder and an insurance company. These disputes are more common in the case of a natural disaster, where many homeowners and businesses make claims. Ryan Casey has substantial experience in this area, having litigated a number of successful lawsuits in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.

Online Privacy

Information is the new currency, with many companies seeking to collect and sell sensitive personal information about consumers. Luckily, there are laws to protect how such information is collected and disseminated online, and the Casey Law Firm has experience in handling privacy-related actions.


Federal law both protects and financially rewards whistleblowers who report companies for making false or inflated claims for taxpayer money (such as Medicare fraud). If you have knowledge of such fraud, you may contact the Casey Law Firm who will advise you of your rights. Your story will remain confidential unless you decide to pursue your claim.